Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Smarty Pants

It all started with a Confession- My Memorable Troubleshooting Story

I'm the kind of person who often finds myself under a desk or on one trying to fix things and usually I'm a pretty good tech. Here's a lesson I learned.

I also pride myself in doing things that women aren't supposed to be able to do. One day I decided I needed a hose hooked up to my upper deck in my house so I could just turn on a hose up there rather than fill a watering can.

So off I went to home depot -bought the dual tap attachment and the hose, came home hooked up the dual attachment and hose, turned it on to check that both hoses were working. Bravo, me says..what a woman...now how do I get the hose upstairs? After some careful planning that involved a rope and a coat hanger that would never hang again, I managed to manipulate the hose up onto the upper deck. How clever am I, says I, all proud!

A friend comes to visit and I'm telling her how I hooked it all up myself and how difficult it was to get the hose up to the second level. She looks at me and says, "Why didn't you just bring the hose up here and then throw the end down?"

The moral:
Sometimes when you try to be so clever and find a brilliant solution, maybe you don't need a wild creative solution. Take a look at the problem from the other end!

...............this has been a Karen Confession

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